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“John was very responsive and easy to get a hold of.”
- Damon T
“Thai was very understanding to my situation.”
- Betty M
“We could tell all three of them love their work.”
- Martha & Gene

Here's a little about us!

Hello, my name is John Lita. Owner and founder of Genoa Soapstone!

First off, I would like to thank you for choosing us as your premiere countertop company. We understand that trust is at the core of any relationship—business or personal. Here's a little about us and our company to help you feel a little more at ease with the people you are entrusting with your project.

How my countertop journey began.

I began my stone career in my brother in-law's granite shop as a sweeper and backsplash polisher. I attended to my duties carefully and responsibly and due to this I quickly rose to a management position. I then moved on to work with a few larger countertop companies. Learning different aspects of the industry was exciting and I worked on projects ranging from track home production to custom million dollar homes.

Why I turned to Soapstone.

Having more than a decade of experience with countertops and my hunger unsatisfied, I turned my focus to soapstone. After learning the qualities of soapstone and its unlimited possibilities I knew I found my niche. Soapstone differs from other materials/stones in that it has a smooth (almost moldable quality to the touch) and a matte finish which places it in a class of its own. Due to these reasons and more, soapstone is an incredible stone of choice! Once I discovered the quality of soapstone I realized it was the stone I preferred.

How I started my own company.

The passion for working with soapstone led me to work in a soapstone shop on the weekends while continuing my day job of fire-fighting during the week. After some time pursuing both interests I decided I wanted to fully commit to soapstone and start my own company.

I wanted this company to be more than just numbers on a spreadsheet of net loss and gain. I grew up in a large healthy family that was successful because of the emphasis on love, support and hard work. I understood that if I wanted my company to be run effectively it would need to model the core values of my family. It is because of these values that we’ve integrated at Genoa Soapstone that we can stand behind our quality and product 100%. 

Join us & together let’s turn your dream project into a reality.

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