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Kitchen with black, oiled soapstone countertops and sink, white and gray cabinets, patterned backsplash, and brown hardwood floors.
An oiled black soapstone kitchen counter with white cabinets and a patterned backsplash.
Light gray, unoiled soapstone countertop over looking a living room with TV and brown chairs.
Light gray, unoiled soapstone counters and sink installed in a kitchen with reddish, brown cabinets and dark green floor.
Kitchen with black soapstone countertop, white sink, and light-colored wood cabinets.
Black soapstone countertops installed in kitchen with white sink and reddish, brown wood cabinets.
Black soapstone countertop with white veins installed on white cabinets.
Kitchen with black, oiled soapstone countertop, white sink, and light-colored wood cabinets.
Gray, unoiled soapstone countertop installed in a u-shaped kitchen with brown cabinets and natural-stone floors.
A gray, unoiled counter installed in a bathroom with white cabinets and a gray mirror.
A black, oiled soapstone sink installed on white cabinets.
Close up of black soapstone hearth under wood stove.
A soapstone hearth installed under a wood stove with a light-colored backsplash and brown, wooden floors in a contemporary home with an open door.
A kitchen with gray countertops with minimal veining, gray cabinets, and a textured backsplash.
Rustic kitchen with black soapstone countertop on center island and patterned cabinets.
A corner in a kitchen with gray, unoiled kitchen countertop, gray cabinets, and textured backsplash.
A kitchen with gray, unoiled kitchen counters, gray cabinets, and brown hardwood floors.
Close up of gray, unoiled kitchen countertop surrounding a stainless steel sink with a window above it.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, dark, oiled soapstone countertop, L-shaped soapstone island, and copper range hood & faucet.
Black soapstone countertops installed in white kitchen with a copper range hood and faucet.
Black, oiled soapstone kitchen counters with white cabinets and brown shelves hung above.
Black oiled, soapstone countertop around a built-in stove with white tiles in backsplash.
Black soapstone counters surrounding an outside grill with a building in background.
A black soapstone integrated sink with white veins and a patterned backsplash.
Rustic kitchen with patterned, wood cabinets and black soapstone center island.
Bathroom with brown and beige countertops made with Quartzite and dark brown cabinets.
Kitchen with white quartzite counters with gray veins on center island and gray chairs and cabinets.
Close up of white quartzite countertops with dark gray veins and a white sink.
Kitchen with white quartzite countertops with gray straight veins installed in white kitchen.
Close up of white quartz counter with a view of green grass and trees out of the windows.
White quartz counters installed in kitchen with brown hardwood floors surrounded by windows.
Close up of white quartz counter with minimal gray veins with a colorful “fruit picture” on top.
Kitchen with black quartz counters and reddish, brown cabinets and center island with green backsplash.
Close up of a kitchen with black Quartz counters, a black sink, and reddish, brown cabinets.
white quartz counter with white cabinets.
An all white kitchen with white Quartz countertops and brown hardwood floors.
Stainless steel sink with white Quartz counters and white blinds.
White Quartz counters installed for kitchen with light-gray cabinets and brown hardwood floor.
Gray quartz counters installed for wood wine cellar.
Close up of stainless steel stove with red knobs and white countertops around the stove made of “Quartz”.
An all white kitchen with white Quartz countertops, white island, and white cabinets.
Big kitchen with white sink and white counters made of “Quartz” and light-colored hardwood floors with a patterned backsplash.
Close up of white sink made of “Quartz” with white countertops.
White Quartz countertops for an all white kitchen and silver equipment.
White marble counters installed for a white bathroom with two sinks.
A close up of a stainless steel sing with a gray marble counter.
A modern kitchen with gray marble countertops that have black veins.
White Marble Hearth installed for a black fireplace in a room with gray walls and hardwood floors.
Kitchen with granite countertops (shades of brown, tan, & green) installed on brown, wooden cabinets and on black center island with hardwood floors.
A multicolored granite wall with brown, black and gray colors with a fireplace near the bottom and a flat TV mounted on top.
A fireplace with a stone wall and a black, granite hearth.