What is Soapstone?

Soapstone is the common name for the mineral steatite. Steatite is at least 50% talc combined with other minerals, mostly magnesite, that have been geologically metamorphosed into stone through a combination of heat, pressure and time. It is called soapstone because the talc gives the stone a soapy feel.

What styles are available?

We have a variety of stone available in many different styles & colors. Keep in mind soapstone turns to a darker charcoal color with use or when treated with mineral oil when considering color schemes.

How easily does it scratch?

Because soapstone has a high concentration of talc, it is somewhat soft—but this same talc also makes soapstone extremely dense and therefore more durable. Like other natural stones and countertop materials, it can be scratched. However, unlike those other countertop materials (which must be sealed before use) scratches in soapstone don’t require professional resurfacing—they can be handled by any homeowner using mineral oil or sandpaper.

Can I put hot objects on Soapstone?

Yes! Setting hot pots or pans directly on your soapstone counters will not affect the surface. In Europe,
soapstone is used primarily for the manufacturing of masonry heaters and wood burning stoves. Setting hot objects on your counters will not crack, discolor, or harm the soapstone.